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Since 2002, ArmeSFo/YerPhI group has been working within the ALICE collaboration of CERN (Switzerland) on the development of the ALICE Grid Environment, called AliEn.


In 2004, ArmeSFo signed a Collaboration Agreement with the UK Oxford e-Science Centre (OeSC).


At the meeting of  the European Grid Certificate Authorities, held in December 2003 in Dublin, ArmeSFo Certification Authority (ArmeSFo CA) became a member of  the European Certification Authority groups:  European Policy Management Authority group for Grid Authentication in e-Science, EUGridPMA (former European Data Grid CA group, EDG_CA) and the LCG_CA_group of the Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid Project of CERN. The presentation of ArmeSFo at the Dublin meeting can be downloaded from here.



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