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  Registration Authorities of ArmeSFo CA

  Technical documentation of ArmeSFo CA for RAs

 Registration Authorities of ArmeSFo CA

For large national organisations, ArmeSFo CA delegates the functions of authentication of requesters and their requests to its Registration Authorities (RAs) operating in these organisations. An RA unit is established by the official agreement between ArmeSFo and organisation where RA operates.

On 29 August 2007, the agreement was signed between ArmeSFo and National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (NAS RA) on the establishment of ArmeSFo CA Registration Authority in NAS RA.

Commitments of ArmeSFo CA in relations with its RAs are defined in this document.

Obligations of RAs of ArmeSFo CA are defined in this document.

ArmeSFo CA Registration Authorities and their contact details
RA Organisation Manager Contact details
ArmeSFo Narine Manukyan (ArmeSFo) e-mail
NAS RA Vladimir Sahakyan (IIAP NAS RA) e-mail


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