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 ArmeSFo Certification Authority

Security in  Virtual Organizations (VOs)  is provided via the asymmetric (or public) key cryptography, with identification of the individual users, machines and services on the base of the certificates that are requested from Certification Authorities (CA) trusted by VOs. 

ArmeSFo Certification Authority (ArmeSFo CA) is the first root level  Armenian Certification Authority established in 2003 by ArmeSFo. ArmeSFo CA is maintained by ArmeSFo as a courtesy service to the Armenian Grid community. The Certification Policy and Certification Practice Statement (CP/CPS) of  ArmeSFo CA are defined in the ArmeSFo CA CP/CPS document.  

The ArmeSFo CA root certificate can be downloaded from here 

The ArmeSFo CA Certificate Revocation List (CRL) can be downloaded from here

Guidelines for getting certificate from ArmeSFo CA can be found here

At the meeting of  the European Grid Certificate Authorities, held in December 2003 in Dublin, ArmeSFo CA became accredited member of  the European Certification Authority groups:  European Policy Management Authority group for Grid Authentication in e-Science, EUGridPMA (former European Data Grid CA group, EDG_CA) and the LCG_CA_group of the Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid Project of CERN. EuGridPMA is part of worldwide International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF).



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