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  ArmeSFo is non-governmental, non-profit Foundation established  in 2002. The main goal of ArmeSFo is introduction, development and dissemination of e-Science technologies in the Armenian scientific, educational and other Institutions. ArmeSFo is a partner of the Armenian National Grid Initiative

What is e-Science ?

During the next years, an accumulation of very high-volume (several hundred petabytes and even several exabytes per year) geographically distributed datasets is expected in high-energy physics, astrophysics, biology, earth science, ecology, medicine, engineering and other areas of human activity. A collaborative use of these datasets will require their effective management, very large scale computing resources and high performance visualization back to the individual user, scientist/engineer. This calls for the introduction of infrastructures and software services much more powerful and flexible than what is offered today by the World Wide Web and Internet, allowing an easy access to remote facilities, computing resources and information stored in dedicated databases.

The development of infrastructures and services for new approaches to the data management and computing is often combined under the generic name of e-Science. In essence e-Science is to provide a large-scale coordinated resource sharing and problem solving in  the geographically  distributed dynamic collections of individuals, groups, labs and Institutions/enterprises that are called Virtual Organizations.


Having quite generic character, the e-Science research results will also be relevant to e-Business, e-Commerce, e-Banking, e-Medicine, e-Government, etc as the Information Technologies become inherent part of our everyday life,  with a growing demand of the coordinated resource sharing and use.