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 How to get a certificate from ArmeSFo CA

The requesters of certificates and their requests must be authenticated by ArmeSFo CA. The instructions on how to request a certificate from ArmeSFo CA can be downloaded here.

Attention! If you are working in any structure of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (NAS RA), follow please the instructions here.

If you have a valid user certificate of ArmeSFo CA, you have a possibility to extend its validity by sending to your RA a so called re-keying request. Re-keying process does not require the identity verification of the subscriber. The procedure of preparation and sending the re-keying request is described here

Minimum Security Requirements of ArmeSFo CA to the certificate users and administrators of certified servers/hosts and services

  1. To keep private key in the places where other persons have no access to
  2. To send to ArmeSFo CA Certificate Revocation Request in case if:
    1. private key is lost, damaged (or otherwise compromised) or the password of private key is forgotten.
    2. certificate is no longer required
    3. organisation or organisational unit recorded in certificate is changed
    4. e-mail recorded in certificate is changed
    5. name of server/host (or service) recorded in certificate is changed
ArmeSFo CA certificate revocation request instructions can be downloaded here


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